1974 Bic Lighter “Flick Your Bic” Commercial

This was the first of several risque Bic Butane Lighter commercials which ran through the late 1970s. I love how the pimp calls for his chick with a flick of his bic! Personally, I rather flick-it my Cricket! Also, check out my 1977 version, which is REALLY risque!

**This commercial is from my 1970-1975 Commercials Set**

1974 Bic Lighter “Flick Your Bic” Commercial
Why I like BIC lighters
In this video I’ll share my thoughts on Bic lighters. enjoy!

Why I like BIC lighters

23 thoughts on “1974 Bic Lighter “Flick Your Bic” Commercial”

  1. Pimps are still using Bics today, except now we use the refillable Bics with a refill valve installed at the bottom, and not a mentally challenged thumb tack. I use a nice pre-1993 Bic adjustable flame. 1 of 20 made, from 3,000,000,000 (3 billion). You can buy one online all set and ready to light, for years, reliably. Zippo can't claim that! -Spoiled for the best

  2. Back in the good ol days, people didn't cry about second hand smoke, not all of us died from it you know, lol.

  3. There is a reason its called a crackhead lighter if its not a disposable bic 😂😂😂

  4. i like clippers myself,i like refillable and they are as good as bics,some piezzo refillable are not bad too.like the profs soft flame we have over there.

  5. You did not complete the dis-assembly – I've dis-assembled BIC and other lighters hundreds of times (to recover the rare earth flints) I can also say the nozzles in the BICs are larger gold plated and a powder metallurgy product – it non-magnetic so maybe a tungsten carbide with a monel metal binder – quite interesting – the other lighter  has a multiple component nozzle (polymers and rubber O-ring) and appears to be made of the same materials only smaller. Lover the longer BIC flints – made mostly of cerium, lanthanum and sometimes silver addition.

  6. I got a hernia a while back…I'm almost certain that it was from those heavy bic lighters.

  7. Bic lighters a great ! , I might check out a Clipper lighter sometime. The Bic always has the bigger flint and is a quality lighter in my mind .

  8. Hey, thanks for sacrificing your two lighters to show us the guts.  It was fascinating to learn how they work.  I did not realize that the Scripto have that little lever to adjust the flame height.  I ordered a few Clipper refillable lighters from Amazon.  They are made in Spain and are the "standard" lighter in Europe.  Clipper claims to have a superior product by virtue of the fact that they are refillable and that the body is made of vinyl rather than plastic; supposedly withstands heat better.  Who knows?  Thanks for the video.

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