99 Problems But A BIC Ain’t One – BIC 4PEN Review

99 Problems But A BIC Ain't One - BIC 4PEN Review
I go 99 problems but a BIC ain’t one.
BIC 4 colour ball point pen. It’s my favorite pen of all to draw with, so I decided to make a video about JUST this pen, where you might find it, the cost (you can convert .50 AUD into your local currency for a rough equivalent) and how to use it!

Featuring my many derpy faces and a cute brontosaurus 😉

For the next stage of lerning more tips with the pen, check this video https://youtu.be/1ucoAxoLsAU

99 Problems But A BIC Ain’t One – BIC 4PEN Review
Zooey Deschanel - Speed Drawing - Bic Pen Only!
Hai thur.

Audrey Hepburn:


Gymnopedie No 3 Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Zooey Deschanel – Speed Drawing – Bic Pen Only!

31 thoughts on “99 Problems But A BIC Ain’t One – BIC 4PEN Review”

  1. in addition to 4 colours (which i loved when they had the ball on the top like 2 colours), my favourite pens were the 2 colours, xxl, bic 3, bic smoothie, economy, biro, classic fine, ultra round stic grips and the original bic cristal that came in purple ages ago and the original softfeel with the ridged grip. i am a collector of vintage bics and papermates nowadays.
    i cannot stand the current state of cristals now with the tan nibs and runny ink.

  2. I have a bic 4 colour pen but it’s all black top and bottoms looks so cool and smart

  3. I've been looking for this pen forever, and finally they got them in denmark. The only difference is that the danish version has a rubber grip 😉

  4. These are one of my favorite types of pens. I have many, too. New ones and some from the 80s. I liked them when I was a kid. My favorites are the ones with pink, turquoise, green and purple.

  5. I love pens, especially those which are made in Europe and Asia, they are far different from the ones sold in my country Chile. congrats on yuor video. You could possibly make another video showing the whole variety of BIC pens sold in Britain, giving details and comparing to those sold in the Americas!!!!!

  6. I also buy this with Minion pattern on last week in HK stationery store. But this pen likely get a bit of ink leakage after a short writing test. In fact, writing is fluent for all colours. But red is likely a bit of clot when it's started to write. I still love this that it's made in France!

  7. Just bought the 4 colour pro grip. What a fantastic pen with the added grip and the pen is grey/black…it's pretty cool.

  8. I like that u start from right to and finish on left, i never like drawing with pencil that much cuz i like to use single pen and bad at coloring wit just colors

  9. PLEASE do Allison Harvard from America's Next Top Model. She has a crazy big fan base and I know SO many ppl would appreciate it if you made a video for her.

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