15 thoughts on “Bic 4 Colour Pen Review ; Peasant Pens”

  1. I think his handwriting lacks liveliness. Why bother to share your BIC pen experience if you can't even write properly?

  2. I remember first seeing this pen in the early 80's, and it quickly became my favorite. It seemed to become unavailable for awhile in the mid-80's, but it re-appeared in the late 80s and became a virtual standard thereafter in most stationary stores.
    The green ink seems to have undergone a change in formula in the mid 2000s, which resulted in terrible performance writing in green for awhile, but they appear to have corrected the problem since.
    Overall, I give it an 8.5 out of 10, second to my favorite, the Fisher Space Pen.

  3. I'll give it 10/10 because my god it's cheap enough and better than all the Cheapy Chinese one
    There is nowt wrong with these.

  4. The original blue case is bad
    I got see through green
    Shiny pink
    Shiny purple with green see through ink holder and light green ink
    Btw the pen has cases with grips, so yeah, and use grips from other pens
    And two monster 6 colour pens with a pencil and a charm on it
    But 4 colour pens r good

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