BIC Atlantis Ballpoint Pen

BIC Atlantis Ballpoint Pen
Review of the BIC Atlantis retractable ballpoint pen – medium point, 1.0 mm.

BIC Atlantis Ballpoint Pen
Convert Pen to Pencil -- BIC Multi Pen
Here we take the classic 4-color BIC pen and replace the green ink cartridge with a MECHANICAL PENCIL.

It is so much nice when it has a pencil./

Convert Pen to Pencil — BIC Multi Pen

25 thoughts on “BIC Atlantis Ballpoint Pen”

  1. Best smooth writing ballpoint pen is burgerswisspen .Made in switserland .these pens write like a gelpen.Please make a review.

  2. I think this pen performs well. I do have issue with ink excess sometimes but nothing too detrimental.

  3. I don't like this pen. In fact, i really like the pens that have solid liquidated ink, most likely the pigment-based ink. I'm a pen collector and decided to collect pens that have my chosen ink. I won't draw it and even use it for its purposes only. Sorry for the dislike.

  4. In Europe there are better versions of Atlantis but it is getting really hard to find the good ones.

  5. This is my favorite pen for writing music, due primarily to its smoothness, but also for its weight and balance. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find them in local stores lately, so I had to order them online.

  6. Loved this review…..I love your methods of pen testing…….very efficient…Tks so much!! ; )

  7. Great pen! They never seem to dry out! When they dry out or break. I throw them in the recycling bin:) I recycle all of my plastic or metal writing instruments and my mechanical pencils:) The recycling sorting grinds up them up and magnetically separates the plastic from the metal to melt it down again to be reused. It keeps plastic out of our landfills and oceans. It's better for the environment.

  8. I'm using a Bic Triumph 0.7 and these things bust on me ALL the time and I had a nice Bic pen that used liquid ink that was silver and had a rubber grip, I can't even find the damn thing on the website.  I bitched about them at one time and they sent me 4 of these things, once again i have ink underneath my fingernails and on my cuticles that refused to be washed off.

  9. i love modifying multi pencils. im currently scheming to make a 0.9mm & 2mm cartridge to fit in the uni or coleto.

  10. Pen-pin, Ben-Bin, you may say it's just a regional accent, but it's quite confusing some times.

  11. I still use these pens today. They used to make one with a orange barrel, that was the fine version. I also had a fancy fersion with a rubber grip. Lost it about a week after I had it. I always try to use the green ink, just beceause it's usually least used.

  12. Neat! I remember having one of those pens as a kid, at school in France. I used to take the individual pens out and writing with just them.

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