10 thoughts on “BIC CAMERA OSAKA GoPro POV Tour VLOG”

  1. The story was, 1.- my camera broke 2.- lets go to camera store 3.- looking for new camera 4.. no ending, suddenly nothing… what happened did you buy the camera or not and which one? o i get it , it's a cliff hanger ok i'll watch the following video.

  2. With a replacement GRII you'll have 2 batteries… you love it and you know how to use it to capture moments… Downside it is not new, exciting and different! GAS, GAS, GAS wins almost every time over being sensible… 🙂 A.,

  3. I'd just go with another Ricoh for the size, weight, and fixed lens.

    I love my Oly EM5 II too, but when I'm traveling light the Ricoh takes a lot of the weight off my shoulders (figuratively and literally) because I don't worry about which lenses I should bring or anything like that. Hell, if I didn't want a bag for carrying extra stuff, I wouldn't even need to bring one since it's actually pocketable. Some cameras like the X100T are relatively small, but not as small or light as the Ricoh.

  4. Why are you wanting to go so ridiculously big all of a sudden eric, after you were so pleased with a small and simple camera like the ricoh gr? I bought a fuji xt20 recently and i own a ricoh gr. I decided to wait a few years more for a medium format digital, because i believe they will get tremendously cheaper and much more compact. You will get a camera like the hasselblad x1d for the same price as the new sony a7r iii and maybe even better. I decidet to skip fullframe and wait for a cheaper and smaler medium format camera.

    Instead i investest my money in the cheap but great camera body of the xt20, it has all that i need and because it's from fuji i have access to some of the greatest lenses out there. Yet i didn't bought it with the kid lens or any other fuji lens, to save even more money and instead bought myself two old vintage lenses, for a great price and they perfrom wonderfull.
    And i have to say, manuell focus is a pleasure to use with the fuji cameras, the focus assistance makes ist fantastic easy to use and it's accurat.
    Now i have a cheap and small camera with great iq and if i shot my manual lenses at a zone focus distance, it's also perfect for shooting street. But for that i will most likely still use my ricoh most of the time, because i have it allways with me. And in a few years, when the camras are becomming cheaper and more advanced, i will explore the medium format.

    Also when i buy a new camera i couldn't care less about the video recording stuff, maybe it's because im not a youtuber, but for me camera is there to shoot pictures not to film videos with it… Unless it's a camera which is especially build around that purpose, like the blackmagic pocket cinema. Other than that a video recording option isn't really necessary for me. I even consider it as somewhat decadent, if you think back to the the times of for example cartier bresson, they didn't have such options build in there camera. Maybe that was a good think they weren't as distracted with all of the options and funktions of modern cameras.

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