Bic Cristal vs Papermate InkJoy: 1.0mm Ballpoint Comparison

Bic Cristal vs Papermate InkJoy: 1.0mm Ballpoint Comparison
Bic Cristal Xtra Smooth ( ) vs the Papermate InkJoy 100ST ( )… FIGHT!

My pick in the 1.0mm size is the Papermate! But my favorite of them all is the Bic Xtra Bold 1.6mm: . It’s a true classic and a ton of fun to write with.

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Bic Cristal vs Papermate InkJoy: 1.0mm Ballpoint Comparison

6 thoughts on “Bic Cristal vs Papermate InkJoy: 1.0mm Ballpoint Comparison”

  1. Hey Sal. The first line in the video caught my attention immediately: "So, in this video I wanted to do a shoot out between these two very POPULAR office pens." Widely used? Sure. Popular? I think not. For something to be popular, it has to be enjoyed by the majority. People are forced (it's all that's offered) rather than volunteer to use these pens. I've been working in the same office for the past 17 years with a minimum of 70 people, and I can assure you that these pens are not well-liked. I can't imagine these pens winning a vote between either a Pilot G2, Signo 207/307, or Pentel Energel, all readily available at any local stationery store. If I had to choose between them at work (never have to because I buy my own office pens; if I have to write all day it has to be with a pen I enjoy), the Bic would win for two reasons: it looks a bit more "professional" (if one could describe it as such) and it's offered with a 0.7, more precise tip. What I do like about the Paper Mate is what you do not, and that is because the cap stays on much more securely than the Bic AND it's a "cuter" more "fun" looking pen. This particular Paper Mate is also sold with a stylus at the end making it more functional which is something I like. While at home and during extensive note-taking I switch between a few pens with the Paper Mate being one. I've used Bic pens years ago and don't care for them. Sorry for the long comment; I'm passionate about pens. Thanks for the posting!

  2. Quite some time ago you (I think it was you) said you would demonstrate how you 'spin' a pen. Are you still planning on doing such a video?

  3. I don't really like papermate but if I had to choose out of those 2 ones it would have to be the papermate

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