BIC easy 3 blade razor review

BIC easy 3 blade razor review
I review this very low cost razor to see how good it is. For £1.99 with 6 heads I did not expect much, it was however better than expected and with a good handle could give an even better result.

BIC easy 3 blade razor review

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  1. I remember the advertisement for the Protector, so "sharp was it that it had to be kept behind bar's", marketing spiel lol. What about the the WS FX Protector, don't know if you can still get that. I loved the Gillette Sensor, Sensor Excel, even remember the old Gillette GII, don't know if it was called something else in USA?

  2. Hi. Would you be able to test the Dorco 7 blade razor and maybe the WS Protector(can get on the WS website £3.99),would appreciate your view's on those?

  3. First time I tried BIC, it was when their "3 advanced" came out like mid 2000's here in Canada….EPIC RAZOR BURN!…but the flex 3/4 was much better lol. what a difference a decade makes lol

  4. To be honest, that is one of my favourites, as is the slightly better Black "Flex" one and especially when used with shaving oil instead of foam or soap.

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