BIC flex 3 Hybrid Razor review

BIC flex 3 Hybrid Razor review
I review the BIC flex 3 hybrid razor system what comes with one plastic handle and four razor cartridges. This hybrid system is a mix between a disposable and systems razor where the 1 handle lasts longer but is expected to be replaced regularly.

This has 3 blades that are spot welded and sprint loaded for the contours of the face. It also has a lubrication strip that seems to use the lubricant quiet quickly to give a sticky residue.

This is however extremely good value, especially when compared to the likes of Gillette Mach 3 or Wilkinson Swords hydro 3 replacement razor heads.

BIC flex 3 Hybrid Razor review
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  1. Yes I got the coupon and went to Walmart already ! Thank you !
    P.S i currently have a 2 off maybeline on my cvs app. Does not expire until the 18. Do you think I will still get the new ones that will come out on Sunday ? Or should I try to use it now so I don't miss the $3 ones ? Also did you say no inserts in paper this Sunday ?? Thanks so much !!!!!!!

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