Bic Flex 5 Review! Gingers Garden Fig ‘n’ Rum and the TF Custom Shaving Brush!

Bic Flex 5 Review! Gingers Garden Fig 'n' Rum and the TF Custom Shaving Brush!

Bic Flex 5 Review! Gingers Garden Fig ‘n’ Rum and the TF Custom Shaving Brush!
Bic Flex 4 Review - Disposable Razors 3 Pack
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I review the Bic Flex 4 disposable razor 3 pack.

Overall decent disposable razor, I give it a 6 out of 10 stars!

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Bic Flex 4 Review – Disposable Razors 3 Pack

18 thoughts on “Bic Flex 5 Review! Gingers Garden Fig ‘n’ Rum and the TF Custom Shaving Brush!”

  1. Eey Cris,
    Goatee is coming in great!!
    Keep it growing!!
    Let the goatee grow longer that reduces the itch, use some beard oil to reduce the itch 🙂

  2. The true test will be over the next couple days to see how well your skin heals from this shave. Either way thanks for sacrificing your face for ours!!!

  3. I haven't had an ingrown hair since I started using DEs. There's no way I'm ever going back.

  4. Nice shave Chris. Cartridge razors have their place. They`re fine for a change every now and then. Thanks for the video.

  5. Hi Cris, they definitely give a good shave using traditional technique but don't forget you are using it on skin that has been treated to a de for months and months so a one of shave seems to be irritation free, but if you were to continue to use them exclusively the toll of what is essentially a 15 pass shave would soon start to show on your skin. But it is interesting to change things up every now and then. Cheers 👍

  6. I only started DE shaving last November and for quickness used a Gillette fusion the other day and its the best shave I've had since I started, BBS with zero irritation, unfortunately this has got me rethinking DE shaving, I used a good cream etc so would continue to use them and my brush….really dont know what to do after laying out on razors and blades

  7. Razor is ugly and a waste of you shaving the KFC whiskers off…lol…now you look like 54 million other bald guys with a stash and chin warmer……lol….you look like a cop…Gillette making a 37 blade razor…but you have to lay down to shave…lol….yes busting your Balls as we say in the states is my specialty …cheers.!

  8. How many blades does it take make your head bald cause i normally use 5-6 blades i was woundering can a 3-4 blades razor work as well?

  9. Yeah these razors are nice for the face but you have to be careful when shaving the head and it's not a cigarette it's a razor

  10. You should be getting way more out of your razors than 2 to 3 applications. I shave on average about every 5 days right now ( face only) and I use a cheap Wikinson Sword twin blade and I get maybe 8 good shaves out of them. On my Proglide, I've gotten over 20 something shaves on that one already I strop my razors on a dry towel after each use to dry the blades and keep them out of the steamy bathroom. Moisture sitting on the blades is the real killer to the performance and longevity of a blade.

  11. Head shaver for about 5 years. These are my favorite budget razors, last forever too.

  12. I disagree with the rating. I just started shaving my head for the 1st time about a week ago and I chose the bic flex 4 because it has 4 blades. Your technique in shaving is about a 3 on a scale from 1 to 10. If you're bleeding your shaving waaay to hard. I've used this razor 3 times and might even go for a fourth. I give it a 8 out of 10… But then again I just started shaving so what the hell do I know.

  13. I'm always looking for something new to shave my head.theirs alot to chose from out their.

  14. The only reason I would agree with you on the 6 rating is because of the coupons. It shouldn't take 3 razors to complete the job. If you had to come out of pocket for a pack of razors each week, it would get pretty costly. Good review any how 🙂

  15. you gotta cut those razors some slack. that's a awful big head you got there brother. luv ya brother great video. GOD BLESS.

  16. Great review to help show young men how to groom the hair on their head and face. Not all young men have a great Dad to show them these male basics. Keep it up! My nephew is beginning to grow facial hair. I will have him watch this. Great job.

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