Bic Gel-ocity Gel Pen Review

Bic Gel-ocity Gel Pen Review
In this video, Ashley reviews the new Bic Gel-ocity Gel Pens.

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Bic Gel-ocity Gel Pen Review

11 thoughts on “Bic Gel-ocity Gel Pen Review”

  1. I will definitely buy the colored ones at some point. I was really impressed with the black and blue gel-ocity. I am pretty loyal to my Japanese Pilot juice and the Sarasa Zebra gel pens.

  2. I ❤️ this pen too! Way better than the Pentel Energel, which I thought was good. Glad I picked it up at Target & had a coupon.

  3. Ashley has the prettiest penmanship of anyone I have ever seen so almost manuscript like from the font you would see on the computer word programs

  4. The quick drying is the "Gel-ocity" part. Bic figured out how to make colored gel ink dry as quickly as their ballpoint inks

  5. Have you ever used uni-ball vision elites, they are my favorite. They aren't gel–i don't like gel–they are rollerball but they come in different colors and have a smooth flow and come in different sizes(micro, etc.) I don't know if you were specifically looking for gel or just good multi-color pens.

  6. Ashley, you should save the paper with your different color signatures – looks like modern art! That'd be a fun wall-hanging or something 🙂

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