Bic lighter ad

Bic lighter ad
as shown at drive-thrus.

Bic lighter ad
Bic Lighter Review - Sick Review
Buy my book! Link on my website! Hey boys and girls, it’s your boy, Sick Reviews, and I’m here today with a doozy :^) I picked up this lighter and I’m loving it, I hope you guys are too.

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Bic Lighter Review – Sick Review

21 thoughts on “Bic lighter ad”

  1. What were the little things underneath the metal shielding? It looks like little adjustment knobs to me…were the first bics adjustable?

  2. please come home son, we all miss you and just want the best for you. youre hurting all of us!!
    xx mommy

  3. In a pinch you can use a quality pocket lantern as a fist filler for a fight or a feisty fisting

  4. Im curious about this product . it produces *fire*? what is this …fire . Like if i have a producer of fire what can i use the fire for ? Can I sell it/.

  5. i thought you were gonna continue building up rhymes and alliteration until every sentence was filled with them. you didnt but im still baffled on how you actually write these scripts

  6. New subscriber here (thanks to /r/deepintoyoutube) and I gotta say your videos are pretty hilarious.

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