Bic Lighter Commercial 1975

Bic Lighter Commercial 1975
Bic Lighter Commercial 1975

Bic Lighter Commercial 1975
Bic Lighter Torture Test : Survival Fire Starter
Today I decided to put my primary survival fire starter, the humble Bic lighter, through a destruction test. I wanted to see how far I can push this piece of gear until it breaks. My torture test is as follows:

Put it in Deep Freezer at -18 degrees Celsius for 2 hours
It kept working

Poured water into the lighter’s vent and port hole
It still worked

Dropped lighter into a cup of water and let it soak for 1 hour
It initially sparked with no flame, after shaking off the excess water, it was working again.

Stepped on lighter hard, multiple times, grinding it with my feet
It kept working

Mixed lighter into leaf and dirt pile and stirred aggressively
It kept working

Threw lighter hard at gravel multiple times
Bic lighter was still working

Mixed lighter into gravel and sand and stirred aggressively
Bic Lighter just kept on working.

This test have taught me that the Bic Lighter is an inexpensive, ultra reliable, and incredibly tough survival fire starting tool. Imho, it should be the primary fire starter for any bushcrafter/woodsman.

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Bic Lighter Torture Test : Survival Fire Starter

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  1. Good luck in high winds with that lighter why you are cold wet and its windy and you have wet wood ill be allready warm with my zippo these lighters are not windproof and there is no way in rain and wind your going to light anything a zippo will get you warm way easier and quicker than any bic there is a reason no body would ever carry just a bic now a zippo thats military proven the fact is in places with -30 or 40 deg c sorry mate that bic wont help you in alaska a zippo will work a bic wont .

  2. Bic lighters are like Bic ink pens you usually lose them before they are empty…  Always keep one/two in my camping gear and my fishing tackle box.

  3. The only thing I've seen beat a Bic is seasons of weather. Most of the time when you find one, if it doesn't work, it's either empty or its been left outside for MONTHS.

  4. That was a very good nicely shot video. Being a smoker for 25 years Bic is the only lighter I use. Have gone through hundreds of the things. I think your testing gave you false impressions though. You can easily replicate those tests and cause a fail on every one. If you throw it on the ground hard enough or at just the right angle they explode. We used to do it for fun. I have also had two of them start hissing and explode during normal use. Cold does not ruin them, but they have to be warmed back up to work properly. It's infuriating trying to light a smoke when its -5 and the wind is howling. When dropping them in a cup of water I have found that often an air bubble is trapped and keeps the flint and gas hole dry. If you get it good and soaked it needs to dry before working again. It is rare with Bics, but the wheel can also pop off and send the flint flying. I swear by Bic, but there is good reason to carry a ferro rod as well. Hope you find this useful.

  5. Even if you find an empty BIC lighter, it will still spark (usually), and that's enought to ignite most tinders.

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