6 thoughts on “Bic Lighters Freezer/Cold Test”

  1. Why would you start the timer before you even have the lighters lol??
    for future reference its best to get everything you will be using in the video before you start recording. Also the flintless lighters are more reliable than the conventional ones as after a number of flicks the flint sometimes loosens and becomes useless

  2. Why would you choose between electronic and classic ? Take both ! Seriously it's the  most secure and durable combination. Nice reviews by the way !

  3. I'm glad to see you do a test with these.  I would suggest that you try these out in the cold.  When they are in the cold environment trying to ignite, you may see different results.  Factor in diminished dexterity, a slight to robust breeze, and they can be hard to light.  I have the best luck in very low temps with char cloth.  A breeze is actually a benefit.  But the BIC still has a place in my bag for sure, despite it's shortcomings. 

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