BIC Pen Advert – 2

BIC Pen Advert - 2
The second of the three pen adverts we created for a media studies competition at totton college.

BIC Pen Advert – 2
How to - Abe Lincoln Photorealism in BIC Pen “Abraham Lincoln”, photorealism in ball point pen by J. Stephen Gazsi, all music oringinal by J. Stephen Gazsi. Ballpoint pen is a unique, primarily 21st century medium and Photo-realistic work such as this in the medium of ballpoint pen is extremely rare. Each piece requires an estimated 100 hours to complete. rare. J. Stephen Gazsi is a fine artist who specialized in ballpoint pen photo-realism and lives in the Tampa Bay Area.

How to – Abe Lincoln Photorealism in BIC Pen

13 thoughts on “BIC Pen Advert – 2”

  1. Were is the advert "You look like you're in need of a pen" ??
    The one were the guy gets bummed???

  2. Thanks for drawing some historical figures instead of just a bunch of tacky celebrities

  3. Yes rikiquik, that is correct, slowly building up layers that resolve into just tone, not necessarily "crosshatching", more like tonal direction, moving in direction with the contours of the subject as if through "real space" 🙂

  4. it looks like you shade it similar to shading with a pencil, just building up layers for tone, not necessarily crosshatching???

  5. This is really really good! (subscribed and thumbs up)
    Check out my videos, I also do a lot of ballpoint pen drawings.

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