20 thoughts on “Bic Pens for Women”

  1. Why women need bic pens?…by the way, I wouldn’t use those pens, and I can guarantee I’m a woman!

  2. Actually they made those pens because they DO fit a woman's hand. They are different, it's not just advertizing

  3. isn't it mainly labeled "for her" because of its design? i mean, i know it also mentioned it fits to a woman's hand, but man and woman's hands size really differ. women's are small hence the v-shaped design of the pen. i don't think Bic has the intention of what ellen (sorry ellen) or the other commenters are trying to argue here.

  4. Yes, Ellen is mentioning this in a satirical way, and it is funny, so I’m not directing this at her as much as the sincere comments on here of “sexism,” etc. Prime example of how (feminist) women think with feelings instead of logic.

    The market is driven by supply and demand. If you want an essentially inconsequential product to go away, instead of taking exception to it from a “moral” perspective…just don’t buy it. Manufacturers aren’t going to continue producing something that isn’t making any money. At the same time, people aren’t going to be convinced something is “wrong” just because you’re saying it is. In fact, women (who are more than few in number) who think you’re overreacting and being silly may go out and specifically purchase the pen…as the direct result of the attention you brought to it.

  5. I hate how women say they want equality with wages when men have to pay more in taxes and insurance.

  6. This pen was OBVIOUSLY made for the bedroom…so you can write down what type of sandwich he wants after sex. You're welcome.

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