Bic Razors REVIEW

Bic Razors REVIEW
Saw these upmarket version of Bic Razors that I had never seen before. They don’t say “NEW” or anything yet by Bic standards they looked good quality.

I always think of Bic razors as those terrible cheap things that come in a bag for a bit over a pound. I suppose with Poundland etc selling random manufacturers razors for a pound the heat was on for Bic to decide whether to go cheaper or posher.

The quality of packaging looked worthy to beat any pound shop tat. the £2.99 price ticket in Savers so far looked reasonable but its got to have TWO main uses.

The razor should be sharp and easy to control and it does both remarkably well. The razor was much better than any pound shop razor, a insy bit harsh, it wasn’t the smoothest but quite good. The handle was thick enough and contoured enough to make controlling the razor easy too. so I am happy to buy this product again.


This Bic Razor was much smoother than the one in the video! I hope the rest are more like this!

Bic Razors REVIEW

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  1. woman having baby, nurse says have you seen your husband shave, as she went to shave pubic area. Oh yes said the woman. so nurse said well can you distort your bits like he does please, then i can………………………..

  2. You really need to learn how to shave, and by the way I do have a sexy blonde swoon over me after a shave. My cute Labrador and also my hot girlfriend.

  3. I've tried these two years ago. They're awful! I swore I would never use them again. I've switched to classic DE shaving since and I shave my head with a Mach 3 cartridge.

  4. Great video, please make another using the Hybrid Adance4 . Would love to hear your take on it

  5. I have bought these but not tried them yet as you know Gillette can be pretty expensive for the latest razors but I know that they are good quality but like yourself I have tried.the basic Bic's and.they can be rubbish but buy the more expensive Bic's and again bit better quality :)?

  6. I bought a similar Bic product here in the states. It's sort of a hybrid disposable. I started using it this week and the first three shaves were great. No cuts, nicks, or scrapes.  It is a bit harsh than the Gillette cartridges but this is a disposable. It gums up with whiskers; however, with the fourth shave. I will attempt to rinse it well tonight, clear the blades, and see if I can get a week's worth out of one cartridge.

  7. It don't matter what you do! you could sit and read and I would watch you! you are so entertaining without trying ! you don't try and be funny ! it's natural.. you don't looked phased by a camera it's just normal conversation..

    I'd like to see some more drink reviews !

    without saying you need to cos you Don't could you ever reveiw the slimming world meals from Iceland ? .. I have been on slimming world and lost 7stone and I just would love to know what your takes on these meals are..

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