6 thoughts on “Bic Razors vs Gillette Razors (Price)”

  1. note, not all blades are equal. although cost effective, bics get dull fast. that's why I go old school BIC sensitive single blade if I go disposable.

  2. I Shaved my pubic hair and my testicle hair with this thing, BIG MISTAKE, I had ingrown hairs galore and needed to take antibiotics to clear them up.
    STRICTLY use this for shaving your face, do not shave your pubes or balls.

  3. I now only buy the 12 sensitive bic shavers for $2. The price of Schick razors is way too high now, last I saw it was $13 for just 4.

  4. You forgot something about Bic, they make GREAT lighters. They are THE name is disposable lighters.

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