BIC shave club razor review

BIC shave club razor review
After growing my moustache for Movember I ended up with a backlog of razors to review.

I decided to review the BIC shave club flex 5 razor as the first.

Watch the review of this good razor, I also mention that at the end of November Gillette have announced a new range to try to compete with the rise of these shave clubs. With a Gillette5 and Gillette3 , clearly they were being creative with their naming process 😊.

BIC shave club razor review

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  1. Does this handle fit bic flex 3 disposables?? Is it worth getting over the plastic handles that come with the bic flex 3? Also does the 5 handle fit the 3 blade and vice versa?

  2. Another current good deal – BIC Flex 4, three disposables pack, £1.49 in branches of Savers.

  3. Home Bargains selling BIC Flex 3 disposables (four in pack) for 99p in Kilsyth store. I thought it was an error last week, but still there. Presumably same across UK. Bargain for anybody using 3 blade head on Shave Club handle, or KoS handle.

  4. Going to try this one out at only £2 introductory deal with 4 blades and decent handle probably the best priced intro deal in the UK at the moment for a 5 bladed razor kit. Thanks for the review it looks like it gives a good smooth shave, though I'd recommend you use a bit more lather/soap on your face. I've always been wary of BIC disposables which always turned my face into raw sashimi so I hope they have improved their more permanent products.

  5. I enquired of BIC and this was their reply – "The BIC Flex4 Comfort has now been rebranded the BIC Flex4."

  6. Morrisons currently offering the Bic Flex 3 Hybrid Shaver + 4 Blades for £2.00 until 15th May 2018.

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