Bic Single Blade Disposable Razor Review

Bic Single Blade Disposable Razor Review
This is the review of a Bic Single Blade disposable razor. I have decided to try this razor after a long time using only DE razors.

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Bic Single Blade Disposable Razor Review
BIC Sensitive Disposable

BIC Sensitive Disposable

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  2. The look on your face when you first started your cross grain pass was awesome! Great video!

  3. Oh, disposable razors…u managed to get a decent shave at least. Lol that's what I started shaving with almost25 yrs ago. I can still remember how raw my face felt…quickly switched to electric for the next 20 yrs. Finally came to DE a few yrs ago and about once a year I've tried that exact razor(usually while traveling)..those razors are capable of doing well, but it's definitely not an enjoyable shave.. was fun watching your video..more vidz, soon I hope! Cheers

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