BIC: The Company Behind the Pen

BIC: The Company Behind the Pen
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23rd video of the Behind the Business Series.

BIC is a corporation based in France best known for making ballpoint pens. It was founded in 1945 by Baron Marcel Bich and has become known for making disposable consumer products such as lighters, razors, mechanical pencils, and printed paper products.

The Bic Cristal is an inexpensive disposable ballpoint pen mass-produced and sold by BIC. It was first launched in December 1950 and is by far the best selling pen in the world – the 100 billionth was sold in September 2006. It has become the archetypal ballpoint pen.

BIC: The Company Behind the Pen

15 thoughts on “BIC: The Company Behind the Pen”

  1. The founder of Bic was actually Italian, not French. He did emigrate to France but he was from Chatillon, in the Aosta Valley (an Italian region next to France, where they speak both Italian and French)
    The surname Bich, in fact, is still quite popular in the Aosta Valley.

  2. pens and lighters…why haven't they made a marketing campaign for students. Smoking and writing is a thing.

  3. Bic pen is phenomenal! Even i used it on my pen Mod for Pen spinning need. Another purpose than just for writing.

  4. The analyse is great. Hope this comment will make you ever so slightly more likely to hit the recommended. 😉

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