Bicqlo theme song – Uniqlo & Bic Camera Shinjuku Tokyo

Bicqlo theme song - Uniqlo & Bic Camera Shinjuku Tokyo
If you have ever spent more than a minute in the Uniqlo + Bic Camera = BicQlo-shop in Shinjuku, this song has stuck to your head. Sorry for the audio quality, it was recorded with my trusty old FujiFilm model potato -digicam.

I feel sorry for the staff who have to listen to this all day every day.

Bicqlo theme song – Uniqlo & Bic Camera Shinjuku Tokyo
北海道札幌BIC Camera/拉麵共和國+狸小路商店街-粵語解述2018Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku

北海道札幌BIC Camera/拉麵共和國+狸小路商店街-粵語解述2018Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku

13 thoughts on “Bicqlo theme song – Uniqlo & Bic Camera Shinjuku Tokyo”

  1. So I'm just back from Japan and yes, they are still playing that music on repeat. It's been at least 4 years, I don't understand!! Surely they can produce some new music or buy the rights to a few songs? I feel for the poor employees and it's also really annoying for the customers lol

  2. 10 minutes in Shinjuku with this thing going and I went mad….WHERE"S THE EXIIIITTTT ?!?!?!?

  3. This is torture music. After about 5 minutes I started questioning my sanity. After 15 minutes I was praying for a cyanide capsule. Who are the people that love this?!?!?! WTF!!!!!!

  4. After 10 minutes you find yourself subconsciously moving to this tune. I think I saw an employee lose his sanity too.

  5. This song has forever been stuck in my head each time I think of UNIQLO. And I low key miss it.

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