Clipper Lighter Review – Better Than a Bic?

Clipper Lighter Review - Better Than a Bic?
The Clipper Lighter is a refillable butane lighter that has several advantages over the ever popular Bic lighter. It is refillable with regular butane, has a replaceable flint and is potentially safer because it is made of nylon instead of plastic.

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Clipper Lighter Review – Better Than a Bic?

19 thoughts on “Clipper Lighter Review – Better Than a Bic?”

  1. Correct me if I am wrong. If the flint of Clipper lighter exchangeable, then it will last forever meaning you won't need to dispose of it. You simply need to exchange the flint and Clipper lighter will last forever. Am I right or wrong?

  2. Clippers are/where the standard lighter for smokers in Scotland and elsewhere. Replaceable flint and fuel can't fault them. If you can get the clear ones its easy to see the fuel line.

  3. The problem of clippers is that the plastic flint stander will melt with the time, because it is too close to the flame. One time the plastic stand just melted down and the weel and the flint jumped off.

  4. This dude is spot on. Seems like a really nice guy too. Keep up the good work Survival Guy! Thanks for the info!

  5. Just wanted to say howdy and I really enjoy your channel. I could comment on all of the videos but that would take forever. Great real world reviews in my opinion. The end of this one made me chuckle a bit. And by the way I'm a plumber also, I manage a plumbing company in the Dallas Tx area so I can relate to some of your comments from time to time. I am small fixed blade neck knife guy so keep the reviews coming! Take care sir.

  6. I'm a American and my friend from Wales sent me a few of these I kept one and gave the rest to my friends . I can safetly say I have all my friends now prefer clippers if available over any other lighter. But kinda rare in the states to find people who sell clippers without going to the internet.

  7. I love my clipper lighter! Love the wheel! Also, when you pull it out you can use it to help you roll a mmj pre-roll!

  8. I had my stainless one of these "removed" from my house after a party there. 🙁

    Had it for years – you can even use the to pack cigars or joints and stop wine bottles in a pinch!

  9. Check out refillable bic lighters on ebay. They have been professionally modded with a delrin valve (the plastic bics are made of)

    Also many people on Facebook put a simple butane valve in them out of a berzomatic butane torch.

    Overall the bic is built stronger and the biggest downfall of the clipper is the spark generator breaking. Refillable bics have been proven to last for years already and once you learn the reflinting process they are supper easy to reflint.

    Clippers are OK, but they are no bic.

    Also I've never heard of a bics plastic catching on fire, that is the cheaper versions that are known for that. Bics have a metal lever on their flame generators and have much less exposed plastic than any other disposable lighter on the market.

    I have a refillable bic I made 6+ months ago that works great still and I've ran a large bottle of butane through it and several flint replacements.

  10. I've never had one last over a year. The thin sheet metal flameguard could be stronger, but they are nice.

  11. I have a gold plated metal sleeve mini clipper, turn it upside down you can shoot a large bowl in 2 seconds far better than bics

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