18 thoughts on “Cool Way To Make Your Bic Lighters More Unique!”

  1. A bic lighter never last's more then 2 weeks for me. I smoke a lot so the flint sometimes runs low. Or someone takes it and never gives it back.

  2. You could use Clear Nail Polish Varnish to seal the tubes on the lighter, that way it will be more durable and wont get damaged while in your pocket ect.

  3. I do not know if you have Clipper lighters in the US, if you have then a 12 gauge used cartridge fits really snugly over it and it is just the right length, go the full hog like me and have all the lloads and colours. I note that my spell check is saying I spelled colours wrong. Must not be using the English Dictionary, or do you have an American Dictionary with different spellings?

  4. if u want to put a little more time into it u can use clear finger nail polish to hold everything together and it will protect the bands

  5. Bic Lighters are the worst lighters in the World.Specialy for Stoners who smoke Bong they suck big time
    You cant remove the Metal Cap to tune the flame up and down,you cant refill them…they just suck.
    Why People buy them? When i buy lighters i buy 4 for 1 Buck,and they are refillable and work nice

  6. was lookin at the amazon links….$50 for that stash lighter…seems a bit crazy to me…

  7. people are always wanting to see your entire collection. I'm wanting to see basic knife sharpening how to. where it will cut paper

  8. hey Jeff, i am going to get a knife and since i am from Australia it cost a lot more so i can only get one, i have been thinking i would love a Spyderco tenacious or resilience because i can get them from $40 (which is $52 Australian dollars). i know someone who is going to America so they can post it so shipping doesn't cost as much but i don't know which one to get, i know they are basically the same but one is bigger which will give less control but is just cooler because its bigger and the other is the opposite. please let me know your Aussie fan Sam.

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