day 327 | BIC Flex 5 Shaving Review

day 327 | BIC Flex 5 Shaving Review
Day 327 | a day in the life of an average guy. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends and Happy Shaving to the world! Here’s my honest review of the Flex 5 disposable razor from BIC.

day 327 | BIC Flex 5 Shaving Review

7 thoughts on “day 327 | BIC Flex 5 Shaving Review”

  1. shoot it with a shot of wd40 b4 you shave and after you are finish…just a quick blow of 40…no clogs and will last for a month

  2. Persistence is by the BAAALLLZZZZ!!!…………as for the value market…get the "equate" brand…cause it's Personna….I've used Bic's before it just doesn't "CUT".

  3. I tried the Bic Flex 4, but I find the angle weird. The handle is almost perpendicular to my face

  4. Deep fried turkey vats are D A N G E R O U S, shaving with a backwards cap is much safer.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Tony. Have a great day with family and loved ones. I’m assuming the metal ball on that Bic serves no purpose other than a very limited cosmetic point. Have to say on a travelling razor the Mach3 is ideal as 3 blades is really enough.

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