First-time Shaving Tips from BIC Soleil!

First-time Shaving Tips from BIC Soleil!
Do you know a girl who’s just starting to shave? BIC’s Soleil® Savvy® razor was featured on Lifetime’s The Balancing Act morning show on May 1st! Watch it now for tips and advice for a fabulously smooth shave the first time, and every time!

First-time Shaving Tips from BIC Soleil!
Walmart couponing.  FREE BIC Soleil Bella Razor!!
Walmart couponing went very well this week but I had a small hiccup thanks to P&G coupons (insert eye roll here). BIC is giving away FREE razors!! If you purchase an eligible BIC disposable razor between January 20-March 11 2018 BIC will reimburse up to .00 for your disposable razor. You do not need to purchase this razor from Walmart. It just so happens that is where I got the best deals. Click on link below for eligible razors and the form to fill out for your rebate. This video is perfect for the couponing beginner. How did I do?

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BIC disposable razor rebate form and eligible razors website

P&G everyday website

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Walmart couponing. FREE BIC Soleil Bella Razor!!

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  1. Do you ever just go to the store to buy things because you have coupons for it lol? I use to print so many coupons from to use at walmart. I ended up having a year supplies of ketchup, mustard and relish all because I had coupons that essentially made it free.

  2. I admire couponers like you! I wouldn’t have the patience for it lol but so wish I could do it to save money!!

  3. Always getting great tips from your videos, I’m definitely going to get me a free box razor this week! Thanks for always sharing gold!

  4. Yes thanks for the razor tip!!! Thanks for gebtips overall! I love couponing. I always say I’m going to get started but then I never do It.

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