How BIC Lighters Are Made – BIC South Africa

How BIC Lighters Are Made - BIC South Africa
How BIC Lighters Are Made –

Ever wonder how a lighter is made? BIC is the world leader in promotional lighters, manufacturing millions of lighters each year.

The difference between a BIC lighter and a cheap disposible flint lighter is in the quality. BIC strived itself to only produce the best quality lighters in the world.

Each lighter made goes through more than 50 vigorous safety tests. They do not only meet all the safety requirements, but surpass them.

BIC has also introduced a new child safety feature to their lighters.

Brand Innovation is the premier supplier of promotional BIC Lighters in South Africa. Many companies use branded lighters with their logo as promotional giveaways and marketing products.

These lighters are available in different sizes and colours. View out BIC promotional products catalogue:

Watch this video to see the process of manufacturing BIC lighters and the start of the safety testing.
The BIC Maxi Lighter is one of the most popular lighters sold worldwide:

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How BIC Lighters Are Made – BIC South Africa

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  1. Great story! I love to see and read success stories like this. The best to the Bic family and their company.

  2. Brand Innovation how I got here was on a whim of curiosity on how are Bic lighters made. And then I found your channel that can answer many of my questions on how to. Thanks, your new subscriber.

  3. Is it true, the only reason Zippos are classics is because they didn't have a Bic?

  4. I like my Zippo. The "tink" sound it makes when it is opened and the smell of the flame burning that it has. However the fluid evaporates faster than I use it. So Bic lighters are what I normally buy for day to day utility uses

  5. Good ol bics, i always get neon green, they should make them with cannibis pics on em

  6. You can start a fire with a used up Bic. I made a video on it, just search How To Start a Fire With A Used Bic Lighter.

  7. 30 bilion were made because these are disposable. if they were refilable they would never reach that amount

  8. "How do I live… Without you. I want to knowwww…. HOW do I BREATHHHHH (cough cough)…. Without you."

    Never knew she was singing about the BIC lighter.

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