How It’s Made Ballpoint Pens

How It's Made Ballpoint Pens

How It’s Made Ballpoint Pens
The Ultimate Bic Pen Review For Design Sketches
Bic Round Stic

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The Ultimate Bic Pen Review For Design Sketches

28 thoughts on “How It’s Made Ballpoint Pens”

  1. Wow so much attention for a simple pen.After seeing this i started to respect more these instruments.

  2. I guess it's that vanity quality to hand craft pen. Can show off with it .. I even seen some leather coated smart phone ..

  3. NO. Don't care. Want to know how the ballpoint itself is made, and how it's all put together. Don't care about the body of the thing.

  4. I came here thinking they would tell me how the metal is shaped to get the pen shape we know and how the ball tip is perfectly shaped into a precise ball to insure perfect writing but noooooo

  5. They said "plate the steel with gold and everyone watching this is like, fancy as fuckkk

  6. The problem I’m facing with pen is smudges, if you know any technique to stop smudging.

  7. Hi Jimbo. What's your solution for oil-based ball point pens not playing well with alcohol markers?

  8. Ball points are best imo for sketching,the gel pens have no line weight variation,I like the flow of gel tho,but can't get variable shading

  9. The Bic round stics are very hard to find lately around me,it seems like everything is going papermate?

  10. I have seen this pen on the floor in the school so I took it and tried to sketch something and it looked great(with my beginner sketching) but I have my second pen called centropen slideball and it is good too.

  11. I love using a blue Bic round stic with my $5 notebook. It doesn't have to cost a lot to get your ideas down on paper! Great video!

  12. Try reviewing drawing stationaries like copic vs touch , as I will be joining industrial designing course in August so it would be a great help:-)

  13. Uni Pin fine line – Mitsubishi Pencil! Technically technical drawing pens but the ink dries instantly and it comes it a number of different nib weights. Classic PD pen! I ll try the one in your video too! Thanks

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