How long do Bic Lighters Last: Run time test Bic vs Zippo

How long do Bic Lighters Last: Run time test Bic vs Zippo
In this video I measure the runtime of both a bic and zippo lighter. Which one will win?!!!?
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How long do Bic Lighters Last: Run time test Bic vs Zippo
A Lost BIC Lighter
Safety orange does work. If it would have been another color I probably would not have seen it as I was walking in the woods.
I thought it would be a good idea to see if it still works as a lot of people keep talking about how lighters are a unreliable source of fire.

A Lost BIC Lighter

32 thoughts on “How long do Bic Lighters Last: Run time test Bic vs Zippo”

  1. I’m a smoker and it is my opinion that the zippo’s flint will wear out long before the bic will.

  2. Bic lighter may last longer, in one time go. But Zippos are more reliable, with or without fuel. They are Refillable and have Lifetime Guarantee.🙏

  3. Great Video. Good Efforts. 👏👏👏👏👏

    But in my opinion, Zippo is Ferro Rod + Cotton in a Box.

    Even if it is out of fuel, one can burn the cotton with the Zippo sparks during an emergency. 😊

  4. Nice video and discussion. There's a high value of using a bic, as one PART of a full fire making kit. And its a hard test to accommodate in a residential property. Just to add a bit more information, if no-one else had, according to the manufacturer's website, states "How many times can you light a flame using a new BIC® Maxi lighter?  – BIC® lighters offer a particularly high number of lights, for example, for the Bic maxi J6/J26, it can light 3,000 flames (link towards website pages). That is why we add the "2X plus" pictogram on our lighters. It indicates that a BIC® lighter lights twice the number of flames of rival flint lighters in the same format. "

  5. i wonder if this will happen if we put in them a carbon felt,glass or rock wool and silica wick
    due to the high heat insulation power and fire resistance.
    i use silica wicks in my zipo already due to their long life.

  6. look like you find a lighter and you fucking make a video about you finding a lighter

  7. Just to be clear.  The title does not say a 3 for a dollar @ Achmed's crack lighter.  Bic!

  8. I am on the record saying that this is my favourite way to light fires.  This just give me more confidence in my choice.

  9. Cool! A foraged friction fire kit, just like the primitive people used to do it – sort of.. 🙂

  10. Super Recycling, Denis. Mit so einem BIC Feuerzeug ist man immer auf der sicheren Seite. Ich wünsch Dir ein schönes Wochenende. LG Tito

  11. Wie immer ein tolles Video von dir!
    Wir haben dich schon lange abonniert und wir haben es nicht eine Sekunde bereut!

    Die BushCraftBrüder

  12. A good example of why you should always have a Bic on ya. They're pretty reliable. Nice find man. Free!!!

  13. Somebody else's loss is your gain.  Have a good weekend outdoors, Denis.  Enjoy spring!   ATB…ken

  14. I do this all the time, and you know, I have found hundreds of lighters over the years almost every one of them has worked!  I heel 2 in Charlies leash pouch that Ive found and both of them were mint and still work!

  15. Hey Denis,
    wie man sieht macht man mit BIC Feuerzeugen nie was verkehrt 🙂
    Danke für´s zeigen und schon jetzt ein schönes WE 🙂
    LG Micky

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