how to draw a thing with a bic pen. [speed edit]

how to draw a thing with a bic pen. [speed edit]
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how to draw a thing with a bic pen. [speed edit]
BIC Cristal Xtra BOLD 1.6mm

BIC Cristal Xtra BOLD 1.6mm

34 thoughts on “how to draw a thing with a bic pen. [speed edit]”

  1. I often work with Ballpoint, and something I noticed that you weren't doing in this video, was actually playing with the pressure. You can create very fine, almost pin-fine lines with a Ballpoint – but the Crystal Bic's aren't actually that great for the finer lines. Wish I could post a pic, but they don't translate well into digital particularly.

    Love your work though, just wanting you to explore the Bic a little more.

  2. anyone have any idea what he is drawing……
    looks so good but i don't know what the hell it is !

  3. smoke too much weed in high school and this is what happens– amazing artist that gets sidetracked harder than a Family Guy skit

  4. I'm going to guess that a single piece of printer paper costs 7 cents… unless you are at the library, in which it costs something like 10 cents.

  5. I could watch this all day, the combination of this guy's voice and his drawings are mesmerising! never stop making videos man.

  6. Peter, who are some of your inspirations style-wise? I see a little bit of Mobeius but I'm sure there's someone I'm leaving out by accident. I'm trying to render my ink drawings more like that in your videos

  7. I love your drawings. but sometimes your drawings look organic… like weird, living, breathing atrocities lol this is one of them

  8. I just bought a ten pack of these and not a single one will write… there a trick to get them going?

  9. Great video! I recently picked up an assorted ink 8pc pack of Bic Cristal Xtra Bold from the dollar store, had one each of the same colors and I love them. I took a tissue and worked the tips over after taking the protective plastic piece off and it really helped get all the plastic off. I used to only use the Pilot G2, but the Cristals have become my favorite, can't be beat for the performance versus price, no big surprise they've been as popular for as long as they've been around.

  10. Bic pens are the worst! The ink leaks out of the barrel. It has ruined many of my pencil cases and jeans. 😤

  11. Bic's Velocity 1.6mm is far superior to these. They're made in France,too. The bold sticks that you have are not reliable, especially the color pack.

  12. I use Matador ball pens
    and Econo ball pens ….

    they are better then BIC pens…

    I think you should make a videos…

  13. very nice video, I wonder if you could make a video comparing all different kinds of BIC pens, you know… fine writing, medium writing, compare the ones made in America to those made in France, and so on. congrats!

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