How To Make Custom Bic Lighter – DIY Tutorial

How To Make Custom Bic Lighter - DIY Tutorial
The lighter I made in the video is of the album art for “The Things We Think Were Missing” by Balance and Composure

I’ve got a bit of a cold so please excuse my voice.

So here is how I make these lighters. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

How To Make Custom Bic Lighter – DIY Tutorial
How To Make A Bic Lighter Into A Zippo
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How To Make A Bic Lighter Into A Zippo

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  1. Again, to everyone giving me shit about saying uh and um, keep in mind I made this video for a couple people and had no intention of it getting this many views. So I really don’t care if you have to suffer through my speech because this video wasn’t made for you. 😊

  2. I use an engraving pen and scrimshaw beautiful pictures into the plastic. Makes the art last forever and no one can steal your lighter by tearing off your art.

  3. The butane leaks when the button is pushed and the bigger the flame the more the butane leaking

  4. If you remove the flame shield, or hood, the flame will burn too close to the spark wheel. Eventually it will melt the plastic holding it and go flying. All fun and games until someone loses and eye.

  5. I did that once and I was lighting a candle and it burnt the plastic and blew up in my hand

  6. "The only reason Zippo became a classic is because they didn't have Bics."- Todd 2ply
    For those of us who demand DEPENDABLE quality, show us how turn a Zippo into a Bic.

  7. I'll stick to my Bic! Zippo, the over-rated, more expensive, heavy, leaky, smelly "Brick Bic". Give me a far more dependable Bic ANY DAY, and make mine refillable. A pre-1990 Bic adjustable flame refillable.

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