How to Refill a BIC Lighter

How to Refill a BIC Lighter
DISCLAIMER: BE CAREFUL!!!!!!! If the lighter slips while you’re filling it, it will spray butane out and could very easily ignite. HOLD THE LIGHTER TIGHT. DO THIS OUTDOORS FOR SAFETY.

A simple way to refill an empty lighter.
I made this video because someone posted a picture of an empty lighter that was sentimental to them, so I promised them I’d show them how to refill it. Also, there are a lot of collectible BIC lighters that you want to keep using.

How to Refill a BIC Lighter

20 thoughts on “How to Refill a BIC Lighter”

  1. Why don't you save that thumb tacks so you don't have to buy new lighters…just buy the fluid it fakes to refill it


  3. holographic world – Called me a Beaner does anyone know what that is ? Or what it means ? I’m from Spain 🇪🇸 so i don’t understand what that is ? ?- scroll down until you see the name i began this comment ! !

  4. I have done the exact same thing for these reasons.
    1- store was closed but already had every thing I needed to refill it.
    2- no more money to get a new one

  5. Have you ever had a problem with the Thumbtack popping back out like maybe in extreme heat or anyting

  6. step 1. throw empty lighter away.
    step 2. bum a light from a friend.
    step 3. distract said friend with witty banter.
    step 4. put said friend's lighter in your pocket and walk away.
    BOOM! Free lighter.

  7. This is for Tweakers so they can save money for more crack/crystal hahahah smokeing on that glass dick

  8. This is stupid…any idea what happens when the plug falls out while you're using the lighter (eg. A flame present)? BTW, unless you're buying propane in BBQ ($12.50 to fill) sized cylinders or bigger, then you're paying about 30x to 50x the cost.

  9. This is dumb, just jack the lighter from the first fool that lets you use their, Most nights I get home with 2-3 lighters no idea who they belong to, but i also get jacked every day so it evens out

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