How to Refill a Lighter – Easy Way

How to Refill a Lighter - Easy Way
DISCLAIMER: BE CAREFUL! If the lighter slips while you’re filling it, it will spray butane out and could very easily ignite. HOLD THE LIGHTER TIGHT. DO THIS OUTDOORS FOR SAFETY.

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How to Refill a Lighter – Easy Way

18 thoughts on “How to Refill a Lighter – Easy Way”

  1. i smoke a pipe all day long and relighting often; i go through a bic in a weeks time so this will save me so much coin; i can't thank you enough!

  2. good way to refill it but what about when it runs out again? how do you get that broken tack off the bottom?

  3. waste of time, broke niggas get your money up and buy a case of lighters one time, and always remember to "RECYCLE" you shids brehs.

  4. dude, in america, those lighters cost about the same price as a candy bar, it's cheaper to buy new one then butane and pish pins, safer too

  5. American hackers bore out the factory valves on the bottom and instal refillable valves. Around here you get beat up for having a thumb tack sticking out of the bottom of your lighter like a wanker…

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