Industrial Design Sketching – BiC Pen Cars

Industrial Design Sketching - BiC Pen Cars
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In this video, we’re going to keep it simple. I’m just going to use a BiC pen and cheap printing paper.

Nothing that’s being put down on the paper was planned, I didn’t even plan on recording this!

You can see that I adjust as I go, meaning I make mistakes but later on try to fix them, such as the location of the a-pillar of the SUV.

That’s what’s sketching is all about – have fun and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make things perfect.

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Industrial Design Sketching – BiC Pen Cars
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Russell Howard’s good news – Bic pens for women

Russell Howard’s good news – Bic pens for women

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  1. Hi it's awesome
    I m trying to make cars 3d but I can't make
    I am always making side view of cars Pls help me with some ideas and tips

  2. u nailed it bro!
    I am a mechanical engineering in progress! 1st year!
    I have got interested in car sketches lately…can u give me some suggestions?🙂🙂

  3. it's more helpful to me.. thank yu bro.. keep uploading like dat ,it's remarkable practice for my platform

  4. hi
    I really enjoy watching you sketch, your work is inspiring.

    Have you ever thought of sketching other things like airplanes, boats or trucks

  5. please help I'm looking into a car design job. But I've heard good and bad things about the job. I don't know anywhere else to ask for advice so I'm writing this here.Thanks

  6. Maybe 'mind you if you think hitting someone with a sandwich is bad' isn't the greatest place to begin a clip

  7. what's especially funny is that as the BIC pens are explained in the news you can hear a pen being slammed onto a table

  8. WOW why did that woman say that about her self she should have some self confidence damb

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