15 thoughts on “O’pen BIC high wind session”

  1. One of the boys in this video was sitting to far back. Sit forward to get more speed. Get the stern (back) of the water to go faster.

  2. I've sailed these and you can't even compare them to optimists :p
    great fun and pretty fast

  3. About to Compete in the Bermuda O'Pen Bic Nationals!! Best Boat EVER!!
    Hope i qualify for Worlds!!!!

  4. rs 600 is good if you're looking to start trapeze helming, with a really quick boat – musto skiff would be waayyy to big if you're only 14 – ive just moved up from 29ers, bought a 600..they really are quite something, faster than a 9er too, and available really cheaply.

    I am 14 and in the same situation as TheBlackopsification. I am looking to buy a boat, preferably a skiff or multihull. I have been looking at the 29er but i would be the only one sailing a 29er at my club. You said it is a fun boat. Is that while sailing along side another 29er or by yourself? How is it compared to the hobie 16 (if you've sailed it before)?

  6. @TheBlackopsification Well yeah technicly speaking. However, you can single hand them if you set up double tillers (can be done for like 30 bucks). But if you definitly dont have a crew to sail with the majority of days, id definitly be looking at the single handed skiffs (musto is the best, then rs700, then rs100 [the 100 if you dont like/know how to trap]). Any skiff is going to get you the most bang for your buck and will provide the most fun/ will also make you sail better in all other boats

  7. @TheBlackopsification But overall, id suggest the 29er. I personally have one and have been sailing it for about a year now. Easily the best boat/most fun that ive sailed (and ive sailed 420, opti, laser radial, along with some multihulls) oh and i noticed your on ps3 for black ops. if you want to play some time, add me. (RollinDice13). 2.01 k/d 14th prestiege

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