Refill Bic lighter, no tacks, no holes, no valve. Just like new. From Scott! Enjoy!!!!

Refill Bic lighter, no tacks, no holes, no valve. Just like new.  From Scott! Enjoy!!!!
Refill of a brand name Bic lighter, without modifying the lighter with a tack.

Refill Bic lighter, no tacks, no holes, no valve. Just like new. From Scott! Enjoy!!!!
Make A Bic Lighter Refillable
How to make a bic lighter refillable – NOT how to refill a bic lighter – this is MUCH better!

Nozzles can be purchased here:

ALSO, this little thing comes in handy:

These nozzles are SMALLER and therefore do NOT require chipping away at the inside wall of the lighter.

The entire reason I started developing a method for making Bics refillable in the first place:

(these are pics of the same lighter, just different sides):

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Make A Bic Lighter Refillable

24 thoughts on “Refill Bic lighter, no tacks, no holes, no valve. Just like new. From Scott! Enjoy!!!!”

  1. Nahh crap I just had to spend $100 to buy a stereo to hook my phone up to so I could hear this video to refill my $2 bic lighter and still couldn't hear it! You owe me $100 now.
    😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝 Lol

  2. Fuck this video. Can't hear shit can't see shit. I'd rather pan handle 2 dollars an buy a new lighter than follow this hillbillies instructions.

  3. Its good to see that old technology is still being used, I don't mean the BIC, I mean the video was recorded with a fucking Etch A Sketch… Wow bro, just fucking wow. At what point during the preview before upload did you think this was acceptable? In fact this is so unacceptable, I'm gonna go watch a video of Justin Beiber jerking off, which in fact even to a straight man such as myself is more acceptable than this. At least I'll be able to hear him, I mean I'll probably mute it so I don't, but at least I'll have the choice.

  4. Wouldn’t mind taking a good look at this video but I can’t hear anything you saying

  5. Well you kinda did give some money to BIC. How else would you have gotten the lighter to refill in the first place? Unless you permanently borrowed it from someone. Lol. But anyways… What kinda bottle is that yellow one youre using to refill? And whered you get it from?

  6. Omg! Wtf are you making videos for? Do you have any idea how f**king stupid you look? I don't care if you have the cure for cancer, don't make a video to show everyone tweeker

  7. This video is not real, i mean this guy in this vidieo is cheating. Dunt belive it. Bcz when he stop n move the bottle gas after he reffil gá into lighter. N he put the valve , it was keep in his mouth, u can recview at 3:58, n he cant put it into lighter from 3:58 to 4:05, total 7 seconds, n his hand didnt lock the hole on lighter, the hole he put the bottle gas into lighter. It a hole, if ưe dunt lock it, after he refill, the gas will gone, gas couldnt keep ínide lighter. Sorry my english is so bad. Hope u guys understand, this guy in this video is liar.

  8. I guess this is what happens when tweakers try to make videos… shitty, in-understandable, bullshit.

  9. My smoke shop gives me a lighter for $1c (yes One Cent) when I buy cigs. They are refillable!! …but they are hard to light. Takes a lot of effort to push the button. Paiute smoke shop in Las Vegas, NV. I've got about 40 of them! I will use one or two to try your experiment.

  10. Don't listen to all the hate in the comments. If you don't want to refill your bic, then why are you watching the video? Maybe you have a bic with a design on it that you like, or maybe it has sentimental value. Whatever reason, you've shown us how to do it. Thumbs up!

  11. I have done this myself. I used a valve out of a torch lighter that I had with out.

  12. Lmao. Ok I can see the easy $3 way with the push pin but this takes it to all new level of you've got to be FREAKING kidding me. It's just a bic lighter. I saw a bunch of people hating on the push pin video who obviously hadn't seen this one yet. OMG! Hahaha. Tip. Also next time lose all the worthless commentary that is obvious next time please. I had to fast forward through half of this to avoid falling asleep.

  13. Can you post a link for the butane nozzle? The one in the description is dead and I can't find them online.

  14. Thank you!!! Finally a grown man, this way I'm not getting a half assed thumb tack and duper glue job. I was going to do exactly this but I wanted to see a successful conversion done first. Good job and thank you.

  15. thank you man i was wondering where to get one of those i didn’t know it would be under airsoft

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