Shaving with Bic Easy Clic & Bic2 disposable Razor

Shaving with Bic Easy Clic & Bic2 disposable Razor
빅 이지클릭 면도기(3blades), 빅2 일회용 면도기(2blades), NIVEA Shaving Gel

깎아각하 털과의 전쟁, 하루에 두 번 면도하는 남자, 쉐이빙에디터 하두남

Shaving with Bic Easy Clic & Bic2 disposable Razor
4 blade face—off  | budget razor wars
The test dummy takes the SHAVE to the 4 Blades – in another epi of BUDGET RAZOR WARS. Let’s see what makes the cut between the Bic Hybrid 4 Flex and the Schick Extreme 4. Thanks to all of you who voted to see this video first!

4 blade face—off | budget razor wars

13 thoughts on “Shaving with Bic Easy Clic & Bic2 disposable Razor”

  1. i dont like BIC i did find on BIC though 1 blade disposable that was okat i never got around to try seen them but didnt buy any

  2. Great review. The only criticism I’d give is about the sequence of passes. Multiple passes are used for progressive beard reduction, so you’d actually want to do the across the grain pass second and the against the grain pass third. Of course it’s all up to the individual so if that’s comfortable for you and works for you then go for it.

  3. The Bic razor handle reminds me a lot of the Dorco Power handle
    The blades look a lot like the Dorco/DSC 4 blade cartridges

  4. Im considering buying a gillette mach 3, but my skin is super sensitive so i was just wondering if you would recommend it

  5. Thanks!! Keep um coming!! I always get excited when I get the alert that you posted a new video!!

  6. My friend, you changed the razor sides! It's a mistake it's ok.
    But please tell me if I'm wrong!

  7. The Extreme 4 i found in the patent design files (handle) bit is not released in the UK yet. From what I understand it is the Quattro razor blade. I did not see it in the video, does the Extreme 4 have thw stupid wires?

  8. Q: How do you make a New York Mets fan laugh on Monday? A: Tell him a joke on Friday… (😀)

  9. I have never used the bic razors, they just seem so cheap to me. I did at one time use the hydro 5 but I didn’t like how big the cartridge is. So far for me I still feel the Mach 3 is the king of the cartridge razors. Dorco and Harry’s are uncomfortable and horrible.

  10. What ?!? We didn't see you dancing at 0:50 to 0:57….

    OK, I've been holding this question under my tongue (or keyboard, really) since watching the FIRST, 1st, EL PRIMERO, Tony Martin shaving video…..

    When iz we gonna see some damn leg shavin'? I mean technical, "G" rated consumer oriented LEGS getting shaved? Pedro's legs, maybe? ANYBODY…. that's what these major macho super blade 4 banger units are made for! Hairy LEGS!

  11. I'm guessing you attended a family and friends party after you did this video lol

    But I'm picking up the Bic Flex 4 & Schick Hydro 4 to test them myself as well

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