Shooting a BIC pen out of a rifle(60’s era comercial)

Shooting  a BIC pen out of a rifle(60's era comercial)
I’ve searched off and on for years….finally found it.

Shooting a BIC pen out of a rifle(60’s era comercial)
Drawing and Doodling with a Bic Pen
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Drawing and Doodling with a Bic Pen

17 thoughts on “Shooting a BIC pen out of a rifle(60’s era comercial)”

  1. Does anyone but me remember a commercial where they attached a Bic pen to a phonograph and used it as a stylus to play a record?

  2. I'd love to have that experience of moving a thousand miles and still being in the same country. It's so foreign to me, having lived in Israel most of my life, a country the size of New Jersey with borders you can't really cross.

  3. I often enjoy doing a rough sketch with a ballpoint and then smearing it around with a water brush. I go back over it once it's dried with a waterproof pen to do the final line work. Pretty fun.

  4. I drew a tree a day using paper mate medium point pens. I did notice the smell of the ink. Like most things I came to like it somewhat I guess. Anyway, good video and subject and cool.

  5. Peter, You must tell us, did you take the "spoon". How is your new place? Would love another tour? haha that has to be one of my favorite videos…let us see your new place!

  6. You can never ruin a drawing/piece of art. You can only realize that you can add to it. That can make beautiful realization, which is the fact you can make a good piece of it if you truly want to, and yiu only do things you want. So stride for what you want. Because life is what you make of it, so let's make a lot of it. Have a good one. Love.

  7. This is really awesome(as usual)! It kind of looks like thousands of octopus tangles in a bunch of seaweed… I love it!

  8. You are so calm an relaxed. It's likely that you could be a crazy psycopath because you move so much, covering up the clues of you killing people or robbing jewlery stores… And you are very creative.

    All the pieces of the puzzle are placed in the correct way!!

    Btw, I love your work and your calmness and the way I loose my stress and anxieties by listening to your voice. You also inspire me to become a better artist, and become more creative with my own artwork..

    I am deeply greatful for you, doing what you do!

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