Wooden Bic Pen – Penna Bic di legno

Wooden Bic Pen - Penna Bic di legno
A wooden bic pen on the lathe. I hope you enjoy this video, please make comments, give it a “like” and subscribe to my channel. Thanks.

Una penna bic di legno al tornio. Spero vi sia piaciuto il video. Se ritenete di lasciare un commento, cliccare su mi piace e iscrivervi al canale fate una cosa gradita. Grazie.

Wooden Bic Pen – Penna Bic di legno

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Writing “Compassion” with a BIC ballpoint pen

7 thoughts on “Wooden Bic Pen – Penna Bic di legno”

  1. Ciao Mauro sei stupendo ,bravissimo al tornio,io non ce l'ho mi piacerebbe .Per caso esiste qualche remota possibilita' di regalarmela? io adoro le penne ma la bic per me e' un must. Mi faresti strafelice

  2. How could it be possible to do such line variation and gracefull letters with a ballpoint pen!
    I am really impress @Connie Chen

  3. Good lord you are killing me! This is a gorgeous video and I love how you are pushing the limits of calligraphy by using random objects or cheap everyday supplies. I genuinely wonder; have you ever tried out Soviet/Russian nibs? I think there are some models, such as Zvezda, that you may enjoy. Have a great Friday!

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