World’s Largest Bic Lighter!

World's Largest Bic Lighter!
Small lighters are boring.. So I decided to make a big one !

In this video I show you the worlds largest Bic lighter. This was not bought and was entirely made by me. I took me about 5 months on and off to make this lighter and was almost entirely 3d printed. Everything on the outside has been 3d printed. So far, this is the largest lighter I have ever seen and certainly with the biggest flame !

I ended up with two prototypes of this jumbo Bic lighter. But in the end, this design proved to be really great ( the one shown in the video ) and a fun lighter to (dangerously) play with.

This lighter has a nozzle at the bottom and can be refilled with a butane canister. 30 seconds of refilling will allow the flame to be lit for roughly 3 seconds.

With small changes to the nozzle, this lighter could have a flame that resembles the flame of a flamethrower ! I should try that and burn some stuff. If you have read this far, what are your thoughts on that ? Be sure to let me know !

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This video was made for entertainment purposes only. Replicating what you see in this video is not recommended and can be very dangerous. Many unexpected things can go wrong especially when playing with compressed butane and a homemade nozzle. Big flames = dangerous.

World’s Largest Bic Lighter!

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